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Tuxedos and Cart Entrepreneur magazine, January 2005 edition has named Woody’s Chicago Style as the second fastest growing hot dog franchise in America. Who is Woody’s? This 17-year-old franchise concept has slowly been dominating fourteen Western states. Woody's Chicago Style began on the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii. It was the early 80's and the cost of doing business wasn't achievable for most people. By using an old fashioned concept, the hot dog cart, and adding new technology, Woody's developed a highly successful franchise format that could compete in the booming quick service business, both locally and nationally. In 1987, Woody’s among other locations handled concessions for a Washington based chain called Eagle Hardware and Garden.
As Eagle grew throughout the Western United States so did the Woody’s Chicago Style hot dog stands. In early 2001 Eagle Hardware and Garden was abruptly purchased by America’s 14th largest retailer, Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse. Woody’s company founder and President, Coe D. Meyer mustered his troops and flew to North Carolina to meet with Lowe’s in anticipation of some changes. Lowe’s liked the concept so well that they awarded Woody’s 300 developing stores in the West. The last four years have been spent filling that order. Several years ago, Woody’s corporate headquarters moved from its roots in Hawaii to our current location in Morrison, Colorado in order to better serve our franchise locations. Carts
Rendering As the popularity of Woody’s grew so did the demand for its smartly outfitted concessions. Overwhelming demands and inquiries resulting from our Lowe’s relationship fueled the plan to continue our growth. Our growth plans include not only our existing Lowe’s system, but other opportunities as well. These include locations like shopping centers, college and university campuses, airports, big box retail outlets and tourist attractions. This hard-hitting franchise concept offers a fantastic opportunity for the small family operator to step into the shoes of a national franchise concept.
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